Friday, August 08, 2008

Brit's bibimbap - 'mixed Seoul rice' of today

Today's weather hit a 32 Celcius degrees and I took the 'wrong' entrance 'n got caught on the sunny side along the Cheonggyecheon - had I been a snow woman.. I'd have melted in seconds and now be moving in cool waves in the Cheongyecheon stream.. pheeew. Heard it's rainy and cool in Copenhagen..? I'm soon on my way!

The Olympic Games opening ceremony is marked by an interactive mixed media area around C - heavily sponsored by SK - hence the red and orange colours ^^

People were writing supporting greetings to the Korean OL participants - I wrote "Go Korea" since I couldn't really think of any names of Korean sports people.

Later - after sun set I got the chance to participate in a fun e-sports tournament in Yongsan and later at the outdoor stage I found myself under this giant sparkling 'mothership'!? well - if it sparkles and glitters - you're probably in Seoul ^^

This little boy had fun running after the lighted stairs - I was too tired to join him in running up'n'down the 200 stairs at 10pm - but lifting my camera was okay (it's still very very humid and h.o.t.)


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