Friday, March 30, 2007

SAS hires Chinese stewardesses at 1/5th of the salery of Danish stewardesses

SAS has hired 35 Chinese stewardesses to cater passengers on flights from Copenhagen to Beijing - at 1/5th of the salery that a Danish stewardess would recieve. This in itself stands as expression of the many 'innovative' ways of exploitation taking place in the name of globalization.. so why does this bit of news 'hit' my blog?

Well, as many little girls - I too dreamed of a future 'high in the sky' - I had hot flashes and shining eyes whenever I went to the airport and could almost smell the excitement of people going on vacation or business trips - and most of all the sense of adventure which seemed to be connected to the job of - being a stewardesse.

So - yes I dreamt of becoming a stewardesse - and sometime around the 5th or 6th grade - in the late 1970'ties somewhere in a rich surburban town north of Copenhagen Denmark - I was looking through the 'What to become' - catalogue that my teacher had presented us with - and as I looked up the magic job - ** Stewardesse ** here's what it read (as I remember) and at that time SAS was the only option.

blue eyes, blond hair and height above 1.70 m

I remember 'freezing' and got that later to be well-known feeling of - surprise, wonder and then the feeling of being excluded from society... ever so subtle and ever so discrete - but still - excluded.

Later though, while flying to Bangalore.. I discovered the hard realities of a life as stewardesse with no or little time to rest even at long distance flights, jet lag, heavy trolleys etc. and well - I wouldn't wanna be a stewardesse today.. even though it seems that SAS is now accepting stewardesses of other races and other faces than the 70'ties/80'ties Scandinavian 'brand'...

however - I wonder if SAS will start hiring Dutch stewardesses for destinations to Holland or Surinam.. perhaps - if they come to 1/5th of the salery?


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