Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Succesfully mixing old and new? The world's no. 1 digital nation holds memorial service for fish that died in experiments..

Well - it seems that Korea show the way of bridging old and new. Researchers at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Gijang County, Busan, held a memorial service for fish that died in various experiments. Fruit, pork and other food that the subject fish enjoyed were laid out as offerings.

Today's generation of Koreans can go online via the mobile and check in on his or her minihomepi at Cyworld while on the metro on the way to a memorial service for fish that payed their lives in the name of science.

I think this is a beautiful tradition and not at all to be amuzed by .. this shows a respect for Mother Nature. But I guess this is just one among many examples of why Europeans can benefit from hiring a cultural interpreter/consultant upon starting up business ventures in Korea.


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