Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What makes me care ....

It's not the perfect surface projection of someone that makes me care, it's not which material gifts I receive that makes me affectionate.. It is those few honest moments where the control or self judgement is down - and a person's uncontrolled 'face' shows, the weakness, the chaos, the surrender to what is - that brings up the strong impulse to care, to protect, to support, to give - and "in between days" with respect, a sense of humor and sharing time together nurishes a sense of belonging - even love or faith in eachother..

It's not the perfect image of a mother that would make me care for her, it's not the gifts, toys, clothes or education etc. that she could have given me that would make me tender towards her. It's the humanity in her, it's the soul in her, that would show me and share with me, her moments of struggle, feelings of loss, of sadness or despair, her need to forget, her thoughts of regret - and combined with her smile and the wrinkles around her eyes, that would carve it's way through invisible paths of walking alone looking for a hand, waiting, longing to be met with that deep recognition of a mother


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