Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stay tuned..

And then came February, March, April, May and June... organizing, meetings, delegations, articles, World Business Summit delegation, OECD Green IT conference in Helsingoer, "Engle og Daemoner" at the cinema, Tante T visits..multiple visits :), Saturdays with nieces in Botanical Gardens, remembering my grandmother and the special key she had, being an artist/painter which allowed her to enter the gardens and paint anytime (mind you my grandmother lived to be 102 years old.. so, she was born before the turn of the last century when the Botanical Gardens weren't open to the public), birthday parties for the 'cleverest' "brain" doctor Ph.D. and for my nieces and some other beautiful people, Maja being one of the most beautiful people.. - and singing, and learning about new layers of Ayurveda and Sri Sri Ayurveda and then, learning some more.. and yet, some more about the human mind and feelings, mine and those around me, and then, suddenly out of the blue, remembering my first true love, Henrik (whom I met when I was 19 ahh.. sweet 19 and thought would be part of my life always .. but then, still we stayed together for 8 years)and the nice feeling of walks in the forrest with the 'anemoner' like a white carpet of Spring scents covering the Earth and lunches with my aging mum in the sunshine on the patio of the house she and my late father had built for themselves and Dansk-Koreansk Selskab's Summer Picnic with horseback riding and lots of fun thanks to Eva and the participants and today, icecream in the sunshine with a great person ( work and a short notice dinner with great Korean food and a couple of truly great friends to share and one new friend..

So, blogging (meaning talking, sharing ideas and thoughts etc.) has been going on in real-life.. however, lot's of adoptee related stuff's been going on for better and for worse.. so, stay tuned..

PS.My youngest niece and I each made a drawing of a visiting duck at the Botanical Garden.. I LOVE her duck and is amazed again at the creativity in kids - and how we adults could learn to see the world around us with more colours and more sweetness .. I mean, if you were a duck, which duck would you rather be!!?

Enjoy the Summertime!


Blogger Frandsen said...

Nice to see you here too. Though nothing beats real life ;-)

hahahhaa! Now I understand completely your fascination of your niece's view of the world. Great!

Brit, I really think you are one of the 'most living' persons I know...

2:38 AM  

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