Saturday, January 24, 2009

"N.Y. Children" - photo project uniting people

Photo: copyright, Danny Goldfield, NYChildren

Since 2003, photographer, Danny Goldfield, has been photographing children from all nations, who live in N.Y. City.

The project started in 2003, when Danny stopped to tank gas in Arizona and met the sikh Rana, who has lost 2 brothers due to so-called "hate crimes" after 9-11. Rana however refused to give in to fear and started to be even more open towards others and took initiative to contact neighbours to show that they had no need to fear him or his family.

Danny Goldfield was inspired and begun his project, photographing one child from each country from all over the world, only criteria being that the children should be under 12 years of age and be living in N.Y. City.

160 nationalities have been photographed by now, and today, the exhibition reached Copenhagen, Denmark where it runs until 13th of February at the gallery, "Fedt" in Nansensgade 66, Copenhagen City.

Source: N.Y. Children


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