Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just another double eyelid surgery...

Hwanhee aka Fany - member of the K-pop duo, Fly to the Sky used to be quoted for his deep, mellow voice. However, he has now confirmed the rumors that he too had 'fallen victim' for the double eyelid surgery.

Hwanhee before surgery - he's the one, wearing a white hat

Online Videos by

Though I understand the pressure of having to look the part as a pop-star.. I have to say it's beginning to be somewhat eerie to me.. earlier stories on breast enhancement surgery on teengirls can't really beat the stated fact that Korean women get surgery that cuts of and eventually kills their nerves in the legs - thus giving them slim legs. And to get back to the face surgery - also hearing that double eyelid surgery is payed for by parents as a graduation gift in order to improve their kids' chance of a better job later on cannot just be regarded as a passing craze.

What's going on in the name of beauty? How about that glow in the eyes, the warmth of a smile, the sweetness of someone's charisma? A lot of fuzz and frenzy about the surface! which inevitably changes and is lost in the end! If everybody values only surface values - then what kind of 'happiness' are we teaching our kids..

About eyelid surgery on Tyra Banks:


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