Friday, August 03, 2007

First Lady of South Korea speech at opening ceremony IKAA Gathering Seoul

Last IKAA gathering in 2004, which was held in Seoul, South Korea, was the first official international event held by adoptees in this country which is where we were born. At the opening in 2004 the first lady of South Korea came in person and held a speeech and this year she had sent a video speech and the viceminister of Social Health and Welfare gave a speech in person. Other presidents of organisations e.g. Overseas Koreans Foundation also held opening speeches which witnessed of a strong emotional, rational and open hearted understanding of the lives of us, the international Korean adoptees. I have a video clip of the video clip and will upload asap.

I do have a picture of the participants from 15 countries though I don't think my camera was able to fit us all in.


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