Thursday, June 07, 2007

So what ! * ,- )

On that day in August, 1968, being on the Japan Air flight from Seoul to Copenhagen - at what longitude or latitude - at what exact hour and second - when exactly did I loose my personal right to claim my Korean heritage?

So far, I've gradually become (re) acquainted with the culture of my birth country via friendships, Korean people, 2 years of studying for my minor BA in Korean language, travelling in Korea and taking active part of the network of adoptees..

And from where I stand now - I am reclaiming my Korean cultural heritage :)

So what -
if I am not Korean by nationality

So what -
if people have said and still say "But you're just like us! You're Danish!"

So what -
if I didn't grow up in Korea and didn't become an inherent part of the culture, language, religion and tradition from childhood.

So what -
if I grew up in the West in Denmark and became established in this mindset.

So what -
if I feel that I am a riddle without an answer.

So what -
if my adoptive mother and brother (biological son of adoptive parents) don't support this.

So what -
if Korean society's norms immediately will mark me and my fellow international adoptees - as somewhat 'weird', unpredictable and unreliable alien creatures.. and definitely not see us as Koreans :)

So what!
whether this term may be sending mixed signals requiring further explanation - I am Korean.


Blogger Betsy said...

But I LIKE 'weird', unpredictable and unreliable alien creatures!

7:33 AM  

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