Sunday, July 01, 2007

Adoption as part of a theatre performance "3 x 3 women" Edison C:ntact Copenhagen

Here's a clip from a theatre performance “3 x 3 Women”, performing last week at the Edison C:ntact annex scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. 9 women, living in Denmark, with roots in various countries e.g. Denmark, Indonesia, Marocco, Norway, and South Korea shared personal stories on issues e.g. roots and identity, relationships with parents, dealing with prejudism and stereotypes, lost loves and newfound loves..

As one of the participants, I shared how my journey out of Korea, 38 years ago, has shaped my identity and how over the years, my sense of cultural and emotional roots have grown to rediscover and to fully embrace my Korean heritage - without translating any political adoptee agenda or intellectual identity issues into this statement ;) - just the basic instinct that inside I feel "Korean". And moreover, this journey has led me not only to rediscover Korea but towards a deep understanding that we all have to increase our sense of humanity first.. I’ve been living without fully identifying as a Danish or Korean person – so I had to go to the basic and that is - just being a human being.

Like Amtul, one of the first women to wear a burka on the streets of Copenhagen some 30 years ago, said, "We are like a beautiful bouquet of flowers."


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