Thursday, June 07, 2007

The freeing power of role models

Growing up as international adoptee in Denmark in the 70'ties and 80'ties, I remember the lack of actual living representatives of Asian people and all the stuff that teen-agers walk, talk and breathe for i.e. FASHION - except Yoko Ono and the inuits in Copenhagen. Today, I can't help but thinking - and hoping! - that some Asian adoptee kids will kick their heels towards some of the myths and stereotypes on how a "sweet well-adapted adoptee" 'should' dress and look.


If you're interested further - here's a link to Michael Najjar - a digital artist, whose works I got aquainted with during my years at Copenhagen University and research for final thesis on mobile digital visual culture. Najjar presents a somewhat dystopian digital mindset - which is also to a certain extent disturbingly interesting.. The ones I like you'll see if you click on "artwork" and chose "Japanese Style" for pics from Shibuya and Harajuku kids. Also I am intrigued by the concept behind "No Memory Access".


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