Friday, August 03, 2007

Birthday surprise party

Thank you to Charlotte Yong San for arranging a surprise birthday party de luxe in the ball room at Sofitel - with cake and fun! Thank you to long time friends, new found friends and also to musicians of Jeonggaakhoe and Mee Rim and Ko for celebrating with me.

Strange how the mind works..I was lured into thinking there was an important meeting regarding a crisis situation so I was not in my socializing mood when I was literally pushed through the door to the ball room...

and I noticed that when the mind is surprised with circumstances so very different from what is expected

the mind reacts with denial and confusion :)
and then the mind starts trying to make sense
and then it just goes empty.

"No No - my birthday isn't until Monday" and then on to thinking others had gotten something mixed up (it was another participant's birthday today).

But after some long long minutes I could feel my legs again ( hahaha ) and I am thankful that everyone came and celebrated with me!!

ps. reminded again that thinking I was turning 40 does not apply when in Korea - my Korean age is 41... greeeaat I am now officially grown up - ...


Blogger Eat my Shorts said...

Congratulations my beloved friend, once we have washed Korea of our soul and skin, I am sure our friendship comes out much stronger and wiser.
I love you.

8:30 PM  

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