Saturday, October 06, 2007

Her Royal Majesty of Denmark Queen Margrethe and His Royal Consort visiting Korea - the first official visit since 1959

photo copyright Chosun Newspaper

The official visit of the Danish Queen and the Prince Consort to Korea aims at reviving diplomatic relations as well as enliving the business relations between Denmark and Korea. Of course, mobile technology is one of the areas where Danish researchers are looking to tap in to the advanced experience of South Korea - one of the most sci-fi-hi-tech countries at present. Seoul National University and Aalborg University have now officially entered a cooperation agreement. Wonder where the Copenhagen IT-University
was 'hiding'..?

Similar to earlier Danish royal visits to e.g. Japan in 2005 raised bothsided awareness on eachothers business cultures, this current visit could also help raise understanding among Danes about the variety of Korean culture and people.

Am I putting my hopes up too high?


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