Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008 New Year of the Rat

Chosun Ilbo
welcomes the year of the Rat with a short article.

It seems that 2008 will be a good year for new beginnings, since - according to Chinese and Korean astrology - the Rat is the first animal of the Zodiac and thus represent new beginnings, clever thinking and an ability to overcome even difficult situations.

I've personally experienced that 2007 made room for new insights that were not always pleasant but always necessary.

Some very special experiences from the past year, include: IKAA Gathering, Korean adoptees network, socializing and being part of Koreaklubben, continuing learning Korean traditional music, being on KBS and almost finding my father, being part of Edison Theater's integration project, C:ntact, that recieved the Integration Prize from the Danish Government and meeting and teaching kids from a Muslim background and singing with long time friends.

Summing up on some of the earlier years include:
- 8 years of working with deaf children, sign language, children with difficulties in learning, socially challenged

- 10 years of working with holistic and creative learning methods with children in Denmark and other countries within Europe

- working in the media field at governmental level

- working in network and knowledge hubs under EU Safer Internet Programme with people from 23 countries, coordinating and establishing projects for kids and schools, teachers and parents

- working in NGO's with humanitarian projects

- travelled Slovenia, Holland, France, the Tzech republic, Korea, India, Italy - and lots of other places

- re-discovered the adoption issues - personally and at international level, becoming and expanding the identity of being part of an international network society of Korean adoptees

- working on a project at a national theater with integration and communication

- working with teaching and culture projects at schools with Muslim children

As I look at my brief summing up of my activities the past 8-10 years, I am happy and have learned from all the people and experiences I've had, but I also wonder - and here's where it's hopefully becoming interesting!

'cause I'm wondering why there are things and people missing from the list! where are the people and the experiences that I wish for to be in my life.. so 2008 will be a time to expand the list with people and places and personal goals that I have nurtured all my life (actually - yes)

So, my personal wish is that I'll find the clarity and courage to "go get what I really want" this year - or to take steps towards making it happen :)

wouv - this year of the Rat seems to be working already even though it's not really new year 2008 until February ^_^

May you all be happy!


Blogger Frandsen said...

Wau, what a year to come! I wish for the best to come your way and probably you will find it all by yourself. You are an extremely talented and creative person... you really are special.
Love, Heidi
PS I have been thinking about the year of the rat too. Of course I hope it will be the year of my next child, and then you know... a rat??? Hm... but you make it sound really nice ;-)

3:38 PM  

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