Friday, December 21, 2007

Adoption Quilt Pattern - Korean Child

Just found this site.., and at first I was amused, thinking it to be a prank, but it seems to be earnest in it's effort to offer ideas on how adoptive parents can enjoy knitting, broidering or making a quilt as a welcome gift to their adoptive child.

It's mainly the wording that struck me as somewhat odd!

Need something to do to occupy the long days awaiting word that your child or grandchild is approved to travel (or will soon be on his or her way?)

Quilt your own "Welcome Home" heritage wallhanging!

Approximate finished size: 14" x 30"
- Skill level - Intermediate

Each pattern includes the child design and general instructions on putting the quilt together plus a bonus opening greeting card page. The embroidered panel will contain your child's name, birthdate, birth province/country, and homecoming date.
Fabric/Color - this is your personal choice. But we recommend you try to use color schemes and/or fabric native to your child's country. Please note that we sell patterns only. We do not sell fabric or complete, ready-made quilts."


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