Friday, August 01, 2008

A little boy and a bird

A wonderful huge park, Olympic Park, is the morning view from my room at the Olympic Parktel hotel, where I'm presently staying on holiday as well as attending the G.O.A.L. 10th Annual anniversary conference.

In the sizzling hot and humid Seoul summer, it's a relief to take walks along the forresty paths and the other day a Korean grandfather and his grandchild were strolling along in front of me. The boy stopped and looked very concentrated and curious at something on the side and I stopped too.

Along the path in the bushy ground a white bird, (don't know the name, but it looked like a mini-crane) was picking the grounds for feeding and had found a worm.. the boy curiously asked out to his grandfather, "what's it doing?" and the grandfather answered "Eating". "Doesn't he eat rice?" the boy asked and the grandfather replied, "No, he doesn't eat rice. He likes something else."

After looking intensely at the bird, the little boy so cutely kind of accepting that oh, someone actually prefers worms to a warm bowl of sticky rice - with the cutest voice went "Anyong!" to the oblivious bird. (Anyong = bye-bye)

It's always cute to watch kids, right? And this incident was even cuter as it reminded me, that kids always have that sense of belonging..

And - I realised that I had actually understood their conversation ^^


Blogger Frandsen said...

The world through your eyes is just so poetic. And you can understand Korean - cool!!

2:13 PM  

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