Saturday, February 02, 2008

Heureka !! - Korean Flower Power is now part of this adult adoptée's inner patch-work identity

I found this clip of a song from 1967, the year of my birth. This clip, the music, the singer and how she moves all together tells me that Korea wasn't left untouched by influences from the Western (U.S.) "Swinging 60-ties" and "Flower-Power 70'ties".

To me, these quaint clips (long live YouTube!) convey a somewhat different image of Korea, than my inner "patchwork image" I've been constructing of the country, which I left behind 39 years ago!

My inner patchwork image is carefully stitched together by images I've seen during my years of growing up and mainly consists of constructed images of traditional Korea (tourist or business related) or war images or pictures of political content (documentary, history books etc.) styled for the press.

In the process of my life and the ongoing and ever growing patch work of (re)creating my past, present and future story and identity - these videos are a great reminder to me, that Korea offers so much more to me as an adult adoptée than the 'welcoming home'-package of samulnori (which I luuv!), my first hanbok, kimchi tasting and learning social manners, which date back to the Korean Confucianism.

Anyways - take a moment to enjoy these Korean interpretations of flower-power and pop culture from the late 60'ties and early 70'ties!


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