Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visual culture - Seoul-based website nativegaze.com

Just got word that fellow Korean European adoptee has launched a website Native Gaze for Korean contemporary artists - bilangual Korean/English. This is gooood news!

It reminded me of the exhibition in Copenhagen at Art Hall Charlottenborg, "Seoul: Until NOW!" in the summer of 2005 which represented 26 contemporary Seoul artist.

Several artists caught my attention - but especially two presented works that still linger in my memory:

One is the artist group YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES who uses Flash animations with cool Parisian Saint Germain inspired jazzy tunes to give rythm and drive to their rather controversial statements of critique, which challenge and provoke the Korean society.

Here's a 'taster' "Samsung means to come".

The other art work The Swing (2000) by Kim Youngjin still resonates in my mind as one of the strongest women's portrait and arts documentaries of Korean culture, that I have experienced.

Here's a short interview with Kim Young-Jin on the theme of The Swing from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

Since the art work hasn't been easy to find on the internet .. I'll just give a description..

As a viewer I entered the room and found my self amidst four projections on each wall of a video take of a girl, a young woman, a mother and a grand mother, all women sitting on a similar looking swing. They smile, speak out and sing at the same time and the video projector is placed on a swing which is empty and placed in the middle of the room thus making the video images of the women move up and down, like a swing, on each four walls. Mesmerizing.

I still recall the grandmother singing in a voice, conveying ageless wisdom and a face marked by life in all it's wildness and beauty.

(I just found a picture I have from the exhibition)

Other great artists represented were:
Chang Jia
Cho Duck Hyun
Choi Jeong-Hwa
Chung Seoyoung
Emil Goh
Gwon O-Sang
Ham Kyungah
Jung Yeondoo
Kim Beom
Kim Sora
Kim Youngjin
Lee SooKyung
Nam Zie
Noh Sang-Kyoon
Oh Inhwan
Park Chan-Kyong
Park June Bum
Park MeeNa
Park Yong-Seok
Rhii Jewyo
Jin Mi-Hyun
Kan Sung-Eun
Thisisnotaloveletter cur. Choi Binna
Yoo Hyunmi


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