Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happiness is... a hundred balloons flying to the sky

Just "another day at work" - I was attending the opening of Copenhagen Festival for Children which will house hundreds of events and workshops for kids during the upcoming winter holidays. The invited kids were waiting around for 20 minutes for the mayor of culture but then she came and on a count down from 10 - 9 - 8.. 1 - 0 ... the balloons were sent off

Happiness is a funny sky, kids, balloons - well, sometimes you don't really need a reason to be happy - do you?


Blogger Kaori said...

Hi. Just dropping by. I really like this picture. Makes me feel happy, too. Take care ;)

5:59 PM  
Blogger Leanne said...

hi, my name is Leanne ... born in seoul ... adopted 2 canada ... would like to write you. my email ...

12:39 AM  
Blogger Frandsen said...

Beauuuuutiful snapshot of happiness!!

6:52 AM  
Blogger soon-young said...

Lovely photo, Brit.

10:59 PM  

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