Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Change happens just like when snow flakes gently melt into the white fluffy Winter carpet outside... - without much fuss, naturally. Change blends in almost intangibly, like a douche color mixing into another seamlessly..

I've changed, grown, matured.. as a person in general and in my perspective on adoption and Korea.

Seollal 2013 marks this re-blogging entry.

What's Now?

Gangnam Style massively re-branded Korea in our global village (still great!)

More and more expats living and blogging from Korea (keep going - just found a new one here Alana in Wunderlust)

Eat Your Kimchi have lost their innocence and gone commercial (but thumbs up for them!)Here's their latest and here's one from when I first found out about them and thought they were fun!

And international adoption has been hitting the media in Denmark like Christmas decorations in the shops in December - since a couple of months now after a documentary showed some rather unethical incidents regarding an adoption from Ethiopia to Denmark.

The politicians suddenly "discovered" that international adoption takes place and that there "may be" a certain lack of post-adoption services to all parties involved in the establishment of this new second or third family relation..- and the birth family. Interestingly, no one has responded to statements from researchers and writers who partipated in the media debate with articles which not only represented adoptees, but more interestingly, gave certified facts and insights on ethical and political issues which lies behind the massive numbers of 'exported' children out of Korea which still take place even though it is far less. Also, articles which uncovered the difficulties for a single mum (even today) to keep her child or get support from family or government (Korean society HAS changed, but still it is not yet there in terms of women's rights as a single mum)and several other issues which have been partially uncovered and communicated to the public by adoptees in search of their own truth and in that process, unwinding a nation's truth on what actually happened..

And when all this and more - is said and done, it is of course important to see the Korean international adoptions in the perspective of history, culture and politics..

If you ever get the chance to watch Deann Borshay Liem's documentary "In the Matter of Cha Jung-Hee - just do it!

Happiness is true wealth!