Monday, November 10, 2008

Anyonghaseyo Mr. President

Well, wonder when Obama, Mr. President, picked up on hangul *^-^* but after all, it's kinda wonderful if the President knows how to say hello in all the 'American' languages (Spanish, Korean, Chinese,Italian, Indian, Danish, Swedish etc.) *^.^* guess that with more than a couple of million Korean-Americans it's worth while.

Let's see what kind of a world we can build - Anyonghaseyo! Mr. President! Whaiting!

Friday, November 07, 2008

<3 Blessings for my niece and her husband <3

Isn't this a beautiful couple ^^ this is my niece - we are actually family - even though I was made in Korea and then 'imported' to Denmark - and she was made in Denmark and then 'exported' to the US and..come to think of it, just in my closest family circles we represent Denmark, Norway, Korea, U.K, Italy, Holland, Iran and Poland - really is one world family.

About some agaves plants flowering and on being a vegetarian

In Joongang Daily, I've just read that there's a plant, which blossoms only once every hundred years. It's called six agaves, also known as “century plants” and they are blossoming at the Shilla Hotel in Cheju Island..

It could be that this bit of news draws my attention, because nature's vast and intricate creations amaze me!! or because this is so Korean that this makes big news..

Basically, it reminds me again on the time when I became vegetarian - growing up close to the forrest and the sea, a respect for nature came naturally, along with a gradually increasing understanding about how the nature seems sooo intelligent, when learning on plants and animals - looking into the eyes of a soft-hearted cow, or hearing the cute sound of little lambs and seeing the running in flock with their ears bumping up and down.. - I just realized.. - how can I honestly support killing, devouring and just destroying such cuteness, such beauty and such.. LIFE in all it's various expressions