Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What makes me care ....

It's not the perfect surface projection of someone that makes me care, it's not which material gifts I receive that makes me affectionate.. It is those few honest moments where the control or self judgement is down - and a person's uncontrolled 'face' shows, the weakness, the chaos, the surrender to what is - that brings up the strong impulse to care, to protect, to support, to give - and "in between days" with respect, a sense of humor and sharing time together nurishes a sense of belonging - even love or faith in eachother..

It's not the perfect image of a mother that would make me care for her, it's not the gifts, toys, clothes or education etc. that she could have given me that would make me tender towards her. It's the humanity in her, it's the soul in her, that would show me and share with me, her moments of struggle, feelings of loss, of sadness or despair, her need to forget, her thoughts of regret - and combined with her smile and the wrinkles around her eyes, that would carve it's way through invisible paths of walking alone looking for a hand, waiting, longing to be met with that deep recognition of a mother

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beyonce - dubbed by a Korean trot song.. but actually makes her look even more charismatic..

Oh well - what to say.. - the YouTube-generation! but anyways, here's another clip of Beyonce's own voice

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sound of Korea - B-Boys Extreme Crew

Reinvention - fusion...? - inspiring!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life Beautiful Life

A full moon is rising this Saturday evening around 9.30 pm (Danish time), a full moon which will be partially eclipsed by the Earth. It is said by astrologers, the eclipses shakes us, surprises us, opens new doors and closes others - anyway, changes seem to be inevitable if under influence by an eclipse.

I'm Leo but loves loves loves water, oceans, lakes, water falls, creeks, rain and rivers..which makes me wonder if I'm not actually a water sign or strongly influenced by water planets - however, here I am talking about my self.. that's quite Leo-ish ^^

This stream was video'ed from the same spot, but changing changing yet the same..somehow - isn't this similar to eclipses and our lives in general. We change, we meet people, we part with people, we move to places and part, we have strong opinions and change to a new set of strong opinions, we judge others or ourselves or circumstances.. and change to a set of judgments.. are all these changes in one's mind and person as beautiful as this.... ?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Brit's bibimbap - 'mixed Seoul rice' of today

Today's weather hit a 32 Celcius degrees and I took the 'wrong' entrance 'n got caught on the sunny side along the Cheonggyecheon - had I been a snow woman.. I'd have melted in seconds and now be moving in cool waves in the Cheongyecheon stream.. pheeew. Heard it's rainy and cool in Copenhagen..? I'm soon on my way!

The Olympic Games opening ceremony is marked by an interactive mixed media area around C - heavily sponsored by SK - hence the red and orange colours ^^

People were writing supporting greetings to the Korean OL participants - I wrote "Go Korea" since I couldn't really think of any names of Korean sports people.

Later - after sun set I got the chance to participate in a fun e-sports tournament in Yongsan and later at the outdoor stage I found myself under this giant sparkling 'mothership'!? well - if it sparkles and glitters - you're probably in Seoul ^^

This little boy had fun running after the lighted stairs - I was too tired to join him in running up'n'down the 200 stairs at 10pm - but lifting my camera was okay (it's still very very humid and h.o.t.)

Cheonggyecheon under the sizzling hot sun

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Evening ambience at Cheonggechon - "den fine stroem"

Impressions Insadong

Impressions Apkujong

Impressions 'round City Hall 2

Impressions 'round Seoul City Hall

Detail from the wall, which consists of a photo collage - like a digital patchwork..


They were taking pictures of this... I can explain ^^

Flowers in my lunch

Herbal and flower bibimbap at Insadong-gu Jip...mmmmmmmm ^^


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bongeunsa temple for the soft at heart

Digital playground in COEX

Friday, August 01, 2008

A little boy and a bird

A wonderful huge park, Olympic Park, is the morning view from my room at the Olympic Parktel hotel, where I'm presently staying on holiday as well as attending the G.O.A.L. 10th Annual anniversary conference.

In the sizzling hot and humid Seoul summer, it's a relief to take walks along the forresty paths and the other day a Korean grandfather and his grandchild were strolling along in front of me. The boy stopped and looked very concentrated and curious at something on the side and I stopped too.

Along the path in the bushy ground a white bird, (don't know the name, but it looked like a mini-crane) was picking the grounds for feeding and had found a worm.. the boy curiously asked out to his grandfather, "what's it doing?" and the grandfather answered "Eating". "Doesn't he eat rice?" the boy asked and the grandfather replied, "No, he doesn't eat rice. He likes something else."

After looking intensely at the bird, the little boy so cutely kind of accepting that oh, someone actually prefers worms to a warm bowl of sticky rice - with the cutest voice went "Anyong!" to the oblivious bird. (Anyong = bye-bye)

It's always cute to watch kids, right? And this incident was even cuter as it reminded me, that kids always have that sense of belonging..

And - I realised that I had actually understood their conversation ^^